Last year for Halloween, we decided to create the Ultimate Halloween digital Crafting Pack. A truly gigantic pack with every single Halloween design we had ever created. You were one of the first people buying our pack, and we love you for that ♥︎

So this year, we decided to create this exclusive update for you. It includes every single halloween design we made since you bought our halloween pack, but at the same insane discount that we give on the whole pack!

This is probably the best value pack that we have ever created. Especially for you!


This is the full content of the Ultimate Halloween Crafting Pack:

  1. Ultimate Halloween Party Pack Eco - $21.00 - EXCLUSIVE
  2. Coffin Favor Bag - $4.80
  3. Halloween Delivery Tags - $5.20
  4. Halloween Clocks - $5.20
  5. Mini Halloween Apothecary Labels - $4.80
  6. Halloween Money Grunge - $5.90
  7. Halloween Bottle Labels - $4.80
  8. Halloween Tags - $3.00
  9. Halloween Bottle Labels - $4.80
  10. Halloween Poison Labels  - $4.80
  11. Mini Halloween Apothecary Labels -  $5.20
  12. Halloween Apothecary Tags - $5.90
  13. Scary Alice in Wonderland Apothecary Labels -  $5.20
  14. Small Halloween Apothecary Labels -  $5.20
  15. Large Halloween Apothecary Labels - $5.90
  16. Halloween Drink Labels Eco - $5.20
  17. Halloween Squares - $4.80
  18. Halloween Favor Bag Spider Sepia - $4.80
  19. Halloween & All Hallows Eve Banner - $5.20
  20. Printable Evidence Tags - $4.80

Total Value: more than $164


But now, for three days only, with a discount of more than 96%, all this can be yours for only $47. 


Do you want to see everything that is in this Ultimate Halloween Crafting Pack?

Here you go! Just scroll down.

All these will be delivered as Digital Printable Collage Sheets in 300 dpi resolution and with the highest quality (JPG).

(lots and lots and lots of images, so it might take some time to load)


That's lots of Halloween Crafting Graphics isn't it? The total value is over $680.

100% satisfaction guarantee!

if you are not 100% happy with your purchase, we will refund you, no questions asked


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Get the pack now for only $47.