How many times does it happen that you get the greatest (blog) idea in the world and you have nothing to record it?  

I made an easy-make / print-as-many-times-as-you-need Blog Idea Notebook for you to take wherever you go. Just print, cut and assemble the booklet and off you go gathering ideas all over the world!

There are three pages: A, B and C

A = the inside of the cover

B = the outside of the cover

C = the inside of the booklet

Assembled the notebook will be about 3 x 4 inch (7.5 x 10 cm), a perfect size to take with you in your hand bag or your back pocket.


1. Print A and B on one page, each on another side. Make sure you feed the paper correctly to your printer so the page direction is the same on both sides. 

2. Print C on both sides of as many pages as you like. These will be the body of your notebook.

3. Cut your notebook pages according to the cutting marks.

4. Stack all pages neatly and fold in half to form the notebook.

5. Secure with a stapler or just (hand) stitch the spine.

These also make great (and very frugal) gifts, for example as Christmas presents for your blogging friends and business relations.