This isn’t your average journaling prompt list. There are many out there already. Search ‘journaling prompts’ on Pinterest and you’ll get drowned in lists à la ‘describe yourself’ and ‘write about your pet’.

This list is first and for all for crafters that have or want to start a Crafting Journal, or better, an Art Journal. Get your pens, markers and paints out and get writing, writing, writing.


Because the goal of writing about (your) crafting is to inspire you to the fullest.

Even writing this list alone inspired me for 5 new great projects already.

Oh, and there's no excuse not to start, you can download free journaling pages.

1. Write about crafting techniques you would really like to master.

2. Make a list with your favorite crafting tools in order of how much you love them.

3. Paint a beautiful color palette in your journal.

4. Write about a crafting project you’re tempted to tackle but keep procrastinating.

5. Paste an inspiring picture in your journal and write about the elements that inspire you and why.

6. Sketch (yes, draw) and describe your ideal craft room. Use arrows for clarification.

7. Make a wish list for future crafting tools and materials.

8. Make a multicolor mind map to brainstorm around a color, pattern, project, word, theme, …

9. Write about your crafting friends, how you met, what you share, how you differ, …

10. Write about how many hours you craft per week.

11. Invent your ideal crafting tool: describe, make a sketch/plan, …

12. Write about your best crafting advice, imagine you’re advising a crafting novice.

13. Write about how crafting fits in your life.

14. Make a list with your favorite crafting books, the ones that inspire you the most. Also, which ones are on your wish list?

15. Write about little gifts you will make for upcoming Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine, Easter, …

16. Pick up the nearest crafting tool and write about it: in which projects you have used it, what you usually use it for (sometimes tools have multiple purposes), invent a new unconventional use for the tool, …

17. Write about what you made today.

18. Write about how you could make money with your crafts, how much, if you are already doing it, what your future plans and ambitions are and what your ultimate goals would be regarding craft monetizing.

19. Write about how you can beautify items from daily life with your crafts. Sketch. Draw. Don’t stop.

20. Write about what projects you would do if you taught craft courses. What would you be able to teach really well? If you actually do teach craft courses write about the projects you did/want to do with your students.

21. Write about craft projects that changed your life, even a little bit.

22. Write about a crafting related affirmation.

23. Create a page with different fabric swatches and write about them, in which kind of projects you want to use them, how well they match with other materials like paper and yarn, …

24. If you had a $50/100/500 monthly crafting budget, how would you spend it?

25. Write about how your family supports you in your crafting.

26. What are the must-have for any crafter according to you?

27. Describe your own hypothetical crafting magazine.  How does it feel being the editor? What tasks would you do yourself, which would you delegate?

28. What age were you when you started crafting? Did you always have that create-vibe or did it come up suddenly? Was one of your parents into crafting?

29. Which crafting ‘rules’ do you really (really) want to break? And in what way?

30. Write about your strongest, most developed crafting skills.

31. Make your crafting bucket list. Add checkboxes.

32. Make a list of crafting tools you have but never used before. Add projects that you could do with them.

33. What clothes do you like to wear while crafting? Do you have an apron with a thousand pockets for your stuff? A crafting belt?

34. Describe your ideal travel size craft kit. Draw it. Use arrows with descriptions. Make patterns. And now you’re busy just make the ideal travel size craft kit.