Some of the custom designs we have created for our clients:


customer quotes

Tinne of VectoriaDesigns has undertaken the task of designing intricate labels for a full line of bath, bodycare and candles. It is as if she reads my mind and brings to life such beautiful unique images that I am so very proud to have on my products. I have gone through many artists and she is the only one that has ever grasped what I wanted, and I am always excited to see her next marvellous creation!
— Sandra Wells, owner,
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! They are just perfect. I just love them. You are just a sweetheart for doing that for me...God bless you sweet lady!!!!!
— Joey W.
Words can not express how appreciative I am at this moment. For all you have done and re-done.
Your work is amazing, your customer service is beyond incredible.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
— Lisa Marie A.
I fell in love with Tinne’s art style the moment I first saw VectoriaDesigns’ portfolio, and I knew that they would dramatically improve the visual appeal of the game I had designed. At every convention I’ve demoed my games at, her art is what brings people to my table. I work with a lot of artists on various projects, and VectoriaDesigns always surpasses my expectations not only in talent, but also in their incredible service!
— David A. Lupo, Lead Designer, New World Alchemy LLC.

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