Make your own naughty Halloween t-shirt – free printable


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naughty promo

I posted this a few years ago on my first blog and I thought I would share it again with you!

1. Use the image below to print (fits perfectly on a 8.5 x 11 page) on fabric transfer paper.

2. Cut out the hands.

3. Place them on a white t-shirt.

4. Iron according to transfer paper guidelines.

5. Tadaaaa! Scary and Naughty!

Skeleton Hands for T-shirt

MoonCircle Launch – Summer Sale 25% Coupon


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What happened in the woods – MoonCircle

Do you remember the story in our last newsletter? Did you get your invitation?
Good, then we welcome you to the official launch of our newest service:


There are three different monthly subscription plans to choose from, so there is something for everybody. You can check all the information you need on our new site:

The launch prices are simply unbelievable, and everybody signing up at these monthly prices will always pay the same low price, forever. So sign up now!

And because we love you so much, we’ll throw in an extra sweet deal: the first 10 people to subscribe to a MoonCircle Plan AND share the MoonCircle website on their Facebook or Twitter will get a unique 50% off coupon code for anything we have in our shop!

Summer Sale – 25% Coupon

It’s summertime! We just love the summer, especially since we have a lot more time to make beautiful new items now, so keep an eye on our shop.
To get you in the summer mood as well, enter this coupon code to get 25% off all our items: SUMMERMOOD
This coupon will be valid until July 10th.
Enjoy the summer!



Contest Winner! – 100% Guarantee – 20% Coupon – Free Item!


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Huge Giveaway Contest – We Have A Winner!

It was exciting. It was huge. And it was very close.
We’re happy to announce that Carrie Spencer has won our Huge $850 Giveaway Contest with these beautifully executed cute little drawer boxes:

winning photokl

Carrie used our steampunk clockworkvintage postcard papersbutterflies and Paris collage.

She has received a USB memory stick filled to the brim with everything we’ve ever designed. The discovery of all the creative possibilities within will be a wonderful process, and we hope to see some more of those lovely designs in her shop CarriesCupboard.

We wish to thank everybody who participated wholeheartedly. It was great fun. And congratulations Carrie!

100% Guarantee – Total Satisfaction

We live true to our word. We put our money where our mouth is. We believe in our values and what we value most is that you are fully and totally satisfied with our designs.
So we have decided to enact a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
If you’re not fully happy with what you bought from us, for whatever reason, just let us know, and we will offer you a full refund. No questions asked.
We like to keep things simple :)

20% Valued Crafter Coupon Code

To express our gratitude and to show You how much we value You, as a Crafter, and as a Person, we created a new limited Coupon Code, that will knock 20% off any purchase in our shop until June 2nd.
Just enter IAMVALUABLE in the Coupon Code field during checkout.
You’re welcome.

20 procent blaadjes

Free Mystery Item!

cue mysterious music

Imagine you are in a dark wood. The trees are like tall guardians of the treasures within. You feel safe and calm, in unison with the forest. You walk into a small clearing, the light of the full moon is illuminating a sparkling circle of dancing butterflies. They are darting around a small alabaster box that seems to vibrate with energy. It is encrusted with a symbol of a crescent moon. As you approach you feel the box resonating, as if calling out to you.
The trees hum. The moon smiles. The butterflies giggle. The box slowly opens.

Inside, there is a Free Mystery Item, just for you! (click “Download Image” on the right side, where the little green arrow is)

You carefully take the Mystery Item out of the box and feel all warm and fuzzy. As you slowly read the lines of text on the Item, you hear a faint sound behind you. It grows in volume, as if approaching rapidly. You briskly turn around and can’t believe your eyes. Your eyes flicker with excitement. You will have to tell your best friends about this…

The story continues, in our next newsletter…

One of our latest paper pack designs:

VD0439 Notebook papers promo 1

Huge VectoriaDesigns Giveaway Competition


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This is the time. This is the place. After a few weeks of intense anticipation it is finally happening. The VectoriaDesigns Huge Giveaway Contest starts right NOW!

You can win more than $850 worth of our designs, otherwise known as

Every Single Item We Have in Our Shop

Imagine for a moment what unseen creative potential this prize would unlock, what unheard of craft items you could produce with all those designs, all those ideas, all thatlove.

To enter the competition, read on!

The sweet prize ^_^

The Rules

“What do I have to do to win this delightful prize?!”, we hear you ask. Well, all you have to do is to follow these simple steps:

  1. Be creative. Make something, anything, with any design you have bought from our shop. There are no limits to what you can make except your own creativity, be bold!
  2. Photograph it. Make a good picture of the item you have created.
  3. Photograph yourself. Make a good picture of yourself holding your item. Or even better, ask a friend.
  4. Like us. Like our page on facebook:
  5. Befriend us. Become facebook-friends with our lovely Tinne:
  6. Upload. Upload the picture of yourself holding your item to your facebook.
  7. Tag. Tag yourself and your new friend Tinne VectoriaDesigns in the picture. This is CRUCIAL, as we cannot see the picture if you don’t.
  8. Comment. Comment on your picture, saying: “This is my entry to the huge $850 VectoriaDesigns giveaway. Make sure to type an @ before “VectoriaDesigns”, so that it links to our page.
  9. Mail. Send us a high resolution picture of just your entry by mail to

Your entry to this competition is valid ONLY if you correctly execute all of the above steps, so read carefully and be precise!

If you don’t have a facebook account, you can easily create one, just go to Don’t forget to add all you friends!

The Winner

This competition runs until Sunday May 19th. We will announce the winner - it could be you! - on Monday May 20th.

We will decide who wins according to the following criteria:

  1. The quality of your entry
  2. The creativity of your entry
  3. The number of likes your picture gets on facebook
  4. The love we feel you have for what we make and what you do with it

The winner will get:

  1. Every Single Item We Have In Our Shop – a value of more than $850
  2. Eternal VectoriaDesign Fame
  3. A feature with an interview in one of our newsletters and on our blog – more than 2500 people will see your craft and read all about you!

We are really looking forward to see what you can come up with, and we wish you Good Luck!

Huge VectoriaDesigns Giveaway Competition



As we have announced in our last newsletter, we have decided to organize the mother of all giveaway competitions. Because we love you, because we love the creative ideas that you produce, because we love the springtime, yay!

5klIt may sound incredible, but in this bold and unique move, we are giving away

Every Single Item We Have In Our Shop

Yes, that’s right, everything we have ever designed, all our inspiration, the whole package of our creative output, for a total value of more than $850! The competition and how to win it will be officially announced on april 29th in our newsletter. So subscribe to it right now!

Subscribe button kl

We want to already give you a hint though: to win this competition will involve something we design and something you design…

Mysterious, isn’t it? We like it that way.

Stay tuned and happy crafting!

Spring Sale -20% coupon code



Dear friends,

We hope you’ve enjoyed a wonderful Easter-time and that spring is invigorating your lives with a breath of fresh air. In this newsletter we bring good tidings of our Spring Sale, a feature about us in Scrap n’ Art Magazine, a sample of what YOUour wonderful customers, are making with our designs and the announcement of a very special and HUGE giveaway competition that will happen very soon. Read on!

VectoriaDesigns featured in Scrap n’ Art Magazine

scrapnart logo met kadertje 2

We’re very happy to announce that we are featured in the April issue of the Scrap n’ Art online magazine! Scrap n’ Art is a traditional and digital scrapbooking, mixed media and paper crafting magazine. Check it out to see the wonderful creations of their house-artists with the designs they selected from our shop.

Exclusive newsletter Spring Sale

Being a digital items only store, we can’t really say we want to clear out our shelves, but nonetheless, we still want to give you a little something, just because we like you, and because we are happy that it’s springtime! :D

So here is an exclusive coupon code: 20% off on all purchases with the coupon code SPRINGSALE.
This coupon code is valid for two weeks and will expire on April 23rd, so hurry to our shopand save money!

Huge Giveaway Competition

We’ve decided to organize the mother of all giveaway competitions, because we love triggering creative sparks in people all around the world. So hold on to your chair, because we are giving away

Every Single Item We Have in Our Shop

You read that correctly, the winner of our Giveaway Competition will get everything we have ever designed, for a total value of more than $850.
We will announce the precise terms of this amazing competition in a separate newsletter on April 29th, so stay tuned and check your mailbox!

Your work!

In this section we highlight YOU, the creative brain that uses our designs and turns them into beautiful usable or decorative items!

This daring steampunk charm bracelet was made by Stephanie Jackson from Phoenix, Arizona, USA. She used our Steampunk Apothecary Labels. Check out her Etsy shop:Pepperbox Creations for more of her quirky and fun jewellery or beautiful watercolour paintings!

VectoriaDesigns Second Birthday – coupon code

Dear friends,

Time flies.

It’s such a common statement that one sometimes forgets what it means. I had certainly forgotten about it, but it is undeniable: VectoriaDesigns is celebrating its second birthday today!

It has been quite an extraordinary voyage. I could never have imagined two years ago what VectoriaDesigns would look like today. I started making jewelry, mostly rings, earrings and later earcuffs.

As I had always felt very inspired to share my love of crafting and to help thecommunity out there, I started creating thorough tutorials on how to make earcuffs. These were quite successful in their own right, but for me they cleared the path for a revelation: I. simply. loved. digital image editing.

Soon I was spending more time playing around with pixels than making jewelry. And then I knew I had found my true vocation: VectoriaDesigns would become a digital playground, where I could realize my dreams, and help others to realize their wildest creative fantasies.

Create your own world…

All of this was made possible by you.
Your support, your inspiring interactions, your creative input, and the joy you gave me when showing what you created with my designs (more about that below!).
I could not have done it without you.

So let us celebrate YOU as well!

VectoriaDesigns offers you an exclusive coupon code: CELEBRATION

Use it in our shop to get a $2 discount on any sale over $5!
That’s a massive 40% off. Just because. We like you.

This exclusive promotion is valid for one week only and will end on March 6, so hurry to VectoriaDesigns and celebrate with us!


We have some more exciting news! We would like to put YOU in the spotlight.
Send us pictures of what you made with our images. The more the merrier. All kinds of creative expressions are welcome.
We will feature one of your creations in every newsletter, with a link to your shop!
This newsletter goes to thousands of crafters out there, it’s a great promotion for whatever it is you’re making.

So start sending us those pictures to right now!

Check out our new Easter tags:

VD0358 Promo 1

Tea Bag Holder Tutorial


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This tutorial teaches you how to make a decorative tea bag holder for 6 tea bags. Makes a really nice gift for tea lovers and you can make them in any kind of style.


The Alice in Wonderland tea bag holder is embellished with an Alice in Wonderland image and filled with Alice in wonderland tea bag envelopes.

The steampunk tea bag holder is filled with Octopus tea bag envelopes.



  • piece of card stock 11″ x 3″
  • 3 pieces of decorative paper 6″ x 6″
  • piece of scrap card stock 3″ wide
  • 6 tea bags, I used these envelopes
  • little piece of velcro
  • embellishments
  • thread


  • scissors
  • pencil and eraser
  • ruler
  • scoring tool
  • scoring/cutting board
  • cork board
  • needle
  • circle punch (about 1/2 inch)
  • decorative corner punch (optional)

step 11. Take the 11″ x 3″ strip and put markings on the long side as shown in the picture. Don’t forget the mark in the middle of one short 

step 32. Connect the marking in the middle of the short side with the two markings closest to it on the long side and cut the corners off.

step 43. Optional: use a decorative corner punch to create a beautiful closure.

step 54. connect the other markings with a ruler and use a scoring tool to score along the ruler.

step 65. Take the 1.25″ rectangle on the left. Make markings like shown on the picture on either side of the rectangle and connect the markings with a ruler. Put the cover aside for a while.

step 7

6. Take a 6″ square piece of decorative paper and place it upside down. Put markings on either side as shown on the picture.

step 87. Connect the markings with a ruler and score along the ruler with a scoring tool.

step 9

8. Fold along the scored lines and put glue on the narrow part and close the sleeve.

step 109. Measure the center of each small side of the sleeve and mark it.

step 11

10. Take a circle punch and punch out half a circle on either side. Use the markings as a guide. 

step 12

11. Place markings 2 7/8 inch on either side of the sleeve, left and right. The markings will be almost in the middle.

step 13

12. Connect the markings with a ruler and score along the ruler.

step 14

13. Fold along the scored lines. Repeat steps 6 – 13 with the other two 6″ squares.

step 15

14. Take a 3″ piece of scrap card stock and draw a line from left to right. Put the card on a cork board and punch holes with a needle or a hat pin every 1/4 inch. There should be 11 holes. It might help to cut out a bit right next to the first and last hole for the next step. 

step 16

15. Use this card as a guide to punch holes in the middle of each sleeve (the narrow piece between the score lines you made in step 12).

step 17

16. Do the same on the three lines you drew on the cover in step 5.

step 18

17. The result so far. It’s not so clear on the picture but the cover has three rows of punched holes.

step 19

18. Fold the cover along the score lines.

step 20

19. Put a 30″ thread on a needle (more if you want to be sure). Place one sleeve on the cover and align the holes. Put the needle from the inside of the sleeve through both holes on one end.

step 21

20. Bring the needle back up through the second hole and make a double knot.

step 22

21. Put the needle in the third hole.

step 2322. Bring the needle back up through the second hole.

step 2423. Now always put the needle in two holes further and bring back up one hole back.

step 25

24. Repeat until the end of the row.

step 26

25. When finished bring the needle backwards again through the last hole but only through the sleeve, not the cover.

step 27

26. Take a second sleeve and put the needle up through the last hole.

step 28

27. Put the needle backwards through the second hole. From now on put the needle all the way through both sleeve and cover again.

step 29

28. Bring back up in the last hole. Now you can repeat steps 23 – 28 and add the third sleeve too.

step 30

29. This is what the tea bag holder looks like so far.

step 3130. Glue on some velcro to close the tea bag holder.

sflsjmfk DSC01376kopixxxe31. Embellish the tea bag holder like you want. I used items from a scrapbooking kit from Ikea and an Alice in Wonderland image in an oval setting with a glass on top. A tutorial for the tea bag envelopes and tags can be found here

VectoriaDesigns goes Ear Cuffs!



Although I have two online digital collage sheets shops and Photoshopping is my passion, I also used to love making jewelry. An opportunity got me to pick up my old pliers again and I started making ear cuffs.

The results you can find in my new shop: VectoriaCuffs.

Here are some examples of my work:

If you want to make these babies yourself, I’ve written a tutorial for intermediate wire workers:


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